Bring soul & serenity back into your life

When – August 5th 2017 9:30am – 12:30pm
Cost – $45
Where – Register, pay and attend at the office of No Worries Natural Medicine. 321-961-8243. 325 5th Ave, Ste 205, Melbourne Beach FL 32951
Facebook event Bring soul and serenity back into your life. 

The intensity of daily life is at times too much to deal with and burdens the body, mind and our hearts. We might feel out of touch with who we are and how to manage our complex lives in a graceful and inspiring way. Questions that arise may be: Am I able to remain focused on the things in my life that keep me balanced and make my heart sing? Am I able to ride the waves of daily life gracefully without feeling overwhelmed and out of touch with the meaning of my life? Is there a way to keep my body healthy, my mind serene and my heart open to love? Is there a way to trust my intuition in the midst of the intensity of the world I experience? How do I nourish my body and unburden my mind and heart? How can I transform life patterns that no longer support me in an authentic and energized way of living?

The ancient Eastern healing sciences of yoga, ayurveda and tantra support that deeper longing you feel for a better and more fulfilling life that is real and radically transformative. These wisdom teachings are simultaneously an art and a science. They are elegant, simple and effective.; a life that is less complicated, less stressful and more fulfilling.

Chinnamasta Stiles of Shiva Shakti Loka will guide the group with a heart focused, inspiring lecture blending the art and wisdom of the trilogy teachings. She will share a gentle vinyasa practice to restore the body, bring serenity to the mind and render the heart soft and compassionate. She will share practical tools from her life- long experience that bring nurturing, grounding and insight into your life on all levels. Chinnamasta leads with a loving compassionate example of how to bring the spark back in your life, guiding you back to your heart.

Learn how to cleanse and feel great again! Learn practical and safe ayurvedic and yogic detox tools for body & mind, things you can practice at home. These practices help you to feel lighter, energetic, more spacious, intuitive and connected to yourself. You will rest, relax and release on multiple levels!